To the Administrator,

This letter is to express my gratitude and thankfulness for the outstanding level of care provided by the Administration, Nurse’s, CNA’s, Kitchen Staff, and Custodians for Percy Ellie. The last six months of Percy’s life, he and I were able to visit and have lunch together once a week. These luncheons became very meaningful for Percy and I, and our relationship grew as a result of these visits. I want to admire the staff for their professional and friendly care during our time of sharing.

I realize that Percy was probably not the most congenial resident at times, and he often became very demanding and impatient. The nurses and CNA’s remained calm, friendly, and accommodating during his time of irritability.

Please allow me to sing praises for the superb care given during Percy’s final days. I was able to spend the final days of his life with him, and I thank the staff for their compassion and caring towards me through that trying time I’m not sure how to show my appreciation for the nurses and CNA’s other than telling each and every one of you how grafeful I am for your exceptional care. By no means do I want to make the impression that I do not appreciate how the nightshift cared for Percy. However, I do wish to personally thank Nicole for going above and beyond her duties to care for Percy. Nicole was very professional and patient while she cared for Percy. When I observed Nicole say goodbye to Percy before she went on vacation, that experience may have been one of the greatest acts of love and compassion that I have ever witnessed. That scene will forever be etched upon my mind! Nicole definitely demonstrated that she cares tremendously for people, she loves her job, and has chosen the proper career for her personality.

Thank you again for all of your wonderful car for Percy Ellie. If I know of anyone needing your services I will definitely recommend Rehabilitation and Nursing Center of the Rockies.

Timothy A. Kranker